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Crias 2018

Misty Morn's Silk Stockings

ILR# 2927i70

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x MDL-AB Zara

Date of Birth: June 19, 2018

Phenotype: Suri

Call Name: Silk

This adorable suri girl was born at approximately 6:00 a.m. Didn't take long to stand and look for breakfast. Zara as a first time Mom demonstrated perfect mothering skills from the moment Silk was born. Just like an old pro. The pairing of Metal and Zara brings some of the greats into the mix. Magic Juan, Saltspring Tsunami, WCR Temuco Triumph, Kantu P5, Peruvian Vice, Condor De Temuco, and Hot Satin Delight. Hot Satin Delight, a White Heat daughter, produced some notable studs in her breeding career here in Canada. PME Tadashi Fuse, Lux's Copper Cat and PME Firefrost.

In Copper Cat's final years he resided with us and produced two offspring for us prior to his passing. Misty Morn's Copper Miss and Misty Morn's Tawny Roque.

Bottom photos: Silk at one day old. Last photo: As a Yearling.

Misty Morn's

Smokescreen Illusion

ILR# 292771


Northern Reflections Eclipse x Montana's Sunfire

Date of Birth: June 26, 2018

Phenotype: Suri

Call Name: Smoke

This fella was born at 12.30 p.m. What's special.....the most beautiful grey colour. Just like his paternal brother (Silver Ablaze). Ablaze has red tipped blue/grey fibre but this little man is displaying the same dark blue/grey without variation at the tips of his fibre. His white facial markings make his dark grey colour stand out. An interesting line up of genetics - From the Dam's side - Keno, Radical, RAR Chilean Sizzlin Sam, Nobility's Highlander. From the Sire's Side - Peruvian Vice, Federico, Senor Rambo, Chilean # 15. Only a couple of hours old in these photos. Last photo: As a Yearling.

Misty Morn's Metallic


ILR# 292773

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x Northwest Makayla

Date of Birth: June 28, 2018

Call Name: Blaze

This suri male gem was born at 2:30 p.m. If there was ever a Metal clone this young man comes close. He is two hours old in these photos. Grey head and neck and a muted tan/grey body. Great genetics on his Sire's side: Peruvian Secret Weapon, White Heat, Majic Juan, Saltspring Tsunami.

His Dam brings (Peruvian Silverado Sir) Kantu P5, (Chilean Leroy Brown) RAR Chilean Sizzlin Sam and (Feni Thunder Chief) Northwest Epiphany into the mix. Northwest Epiphany produced some of the highest selling offspring (in the day). Some great Llama history within this young man's heritage.

Last photo: As a Yearling.

Misty Morn's Autumn Breeze

ILR# 292772


Mach One's Solitaire x WF's Deeliteful

Date of Birth: October 1, 2018

Call Name: Breeze

This little lady is quite demure and has the sweetest face. She appears to be silky/suri presently but as with most crias the fibre can change. Her Sire was sold to Sophie in Quebec and we are pleased to have her as a reminder of him. She certainly has his signature mark. The white marking beneath her chin. Solo's brother Mach One's Paco (here at Misty Morn Llamas) also has the same chin markings. So seemingly a physical trait that is carried forward. Last photo: As a Yearling.

As They Grow

All three of our June crias are coming along nicely. They are three months old in this photo.

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