Misty Morn's Wind In The Wilow

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x Maybelle's Wind Dancer FE 17

Phenotype: Suri

Wilow is an outstanding female producing two stellar males for us so far in her breeding career. We were so excited about her first cria that a couple of years later we duplicated the pairing. Wilow is a super friendly girl and loves her hugs and kisses. 

Heritage: Peruvian Secret Weapon, White Heat, Saltspring Tsunami, Top Flight, LW Durango, Zorro PL Dr. Doolittle

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Just North of Amazing (M) Sire:  Northwest Titan: Misty  Morn's North Wind Ascender (M) Sire: Northwest Titan

Kornerstone's Alejandra ABSR

Argentine Kobra's Kornerstone x Allyoop ABSR

Phenotype: Argentine

Alejandra was born and raised in Montana. She has had one cria for us so far. We are looking forward to many more. The photo shows her in her sales photo. Will update her photo shortly. 

Heritage: Argentine Kobra, Argentine Chiquita, Peruvian Madero B1006

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Spirit Warrior (M) Sire: Northwest Titan

Kornerstone's Tortilla ABSR

Argentine Kobra's Kornerstone x Rebano Escondido Quesadilla

Phenotype: Argentine

Tortilla is a large heavy boned girl with showy markings and a loveable temperament that is passed on. She is 3/4 Argentine displaying the phenotype in spades. If she sees me in the barn or field she comes to meet and greet. Her first cria was compromised with a very fragile bone structure when born. So much so that at three weeks of age when running and playing she severed her leg at the knee joint. Our Vet said it was impossible to rejoin. So the little one was put down. Thankfully our Vet is within minutes from our farm. Tortilla's second cria is a stellar young lady perfect in every way. 

Heritage: Argentine Kobra, Argentine Chiquita, Argentine Don Zunca, Rebano Escondido Querencia

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Magical Allure (F) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal

Kornerstone's Nita ABSR

Argentine Kobra's Kornerstone x Anita ABSR

Phenotype: Argentine

This photo is as Nita came to us from Montanta. Will update her photo shortly. She is a fairly small girl but has ample Argentine characteristics -  lots of bone and dense fibre. Nita has a very sweet personality. 

Heritage: Argentine Kobra, Argentine Chiquita, SRF Peruvian White Knight, Peruvian Comet

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Knighthawk Ascender (M) Sire: Misty Morn's Flashfire

Misty Morn's Morning Dove

WF Peruvian Impact x CMM Katchina

Phenotype: Silky

Dove is a very pretty appy, very stretchy and has certainly the distinctive facial features of her Sire. Dove's first cria unfortunately passed away day three. A gorgeous little appy female. We bred Dove two years back once again but she came up open. So we will try again.

Heritage: Peruvian Condori PC-1, WF Peruvian Ice (CAN), RAR Chilean Black Jade, Peruvian Keno PC-1, MW Raider

Misty Morn's Diamond Frost

Northwest Titan x M.R.S. Dancer's Diamond

Phenotype: Silky

Diamond is a true beauty. Her head shot graced the front cover of Camelid Quarterly a few years ago now. She is a large girl very correct and has a wonderful personality. 

Heritage: SSRMT Leonardo, Chileno Siricache, Peruvian Silverado Sir, Sunwood Amanda, Peruvian Secret Weapon, HCLA Bolivian Sundance (CAN)

Misty Morn's Radiance

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x Northwest Tecquila

Phenotype: Suri

This is a photo of Radiance as a young lady. We are anxious to take an updated solo photo but her first born is on side. Hard to get that shot. Radiance has her Sire's calm nature and beautiful head features. She is a special girl.

Heritage: Castlerock's Lethal Weapon, MMR Melinda, White Heat, WWLC Peruvian Mercury Rising, Conception, Sunwood Amanda, Woodale's Mochaccino

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Ebony Ice (F) Sire: AMDL-AB Flashy Cordero, Misty Morn's Northern Exposure (M) Sire; Maximum Impact