Simpatico's  Sparkling Ember

Argentine Simpatico (ET) x Llama Dreams Ember

Phenotype: Argentine

Not too many Argentine Simpatico offspring are shown on the ILR prior to his passing. So grateful to have this 50% Argentine lady. Her first cria is really a cutie. Sparkle presented us with a beautiful 5/8 Argentine female cria this spring. Her little lady is very close in appearance to her Mom.

Heritage: Argentine Saltarin, Argentine Quique 0072, Argentine Novio, Argentine Naranja, El Fuerte, Espera, Liberator, SCLC Holy Smoke

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Midnight Shadow (M) Sire: Koriffic's Teriffic, Misty Morn's Scarlet Enchantress (F) Sire: Mach One's Paco

Misty Morn's Velvet Contesa

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x S.F. Starfire

Phenotype: Silky

We were very anxious for Starfire to have a cria for us given her senior age when she was purchased from Serenity Farms in Alberta. We had hopes of continuing her line. Unfortunately Starfire passed shortly after giving birth to Velvet. Velvet is a large female with carriage and style. 

Heritage: S.F. Microsoft, El Centro Renown, North West Ephiphany, Feni Yukon Chief Moses, White Heat, Saltspring Tsunami

MDL-AB Kentucky's Kya

M.R.S. Xtra Flash x STL Kentucky Woman (CAN)

Phenotype: Suri

This lady is a kissy face Llama for sure. Always comes to meet and greet and wants hugs and more hugs. Totally a lovely girl. Kya's first cria was found in our pasture one morning having passed. We believe the cria may have been stillborn. 

Offspring: Misty Morn's Metallic Warrior, Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal, Dam: Heritage: Chilean Five-O (Direct Import), Chilean Sofia, Bauernheim's Firedancer, Bauernheim's Walkin' The Talk, Nobility, Lacinda. 

Offspring: Misty Morn's Metallic Warrior, Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal.

Elita's Arabella

M.R.S. Ice & Easy x Ekati's Elita

Phenotype: Suri

Photo needs to be updated. Elita (Dam) was bred when we purchased her. Elita we are quite sure has had many crias in her breeding career but unfortunately they are not listed on the ILR. Arabella has a rather slight build so we paired her with Heavy Metal to add bone and bulk to her first cria. We will bred Arabella once again  for a 2022 cria.

Heritage: HCLA Bolivian Easy Money, HCLA Bolivian Cheyanne (CAN), WSL Ekati, Peruvian Keno PC-1, Peruvian El Gris, Hardrock's Coat of Many Colors, Northwest Nikki

Offspring In Order: Misty Morn's Secret Inspiration (F) Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal (3 photos)

Misty Morn's Copper Miss

Lux's Copper Cat x WF's Deeliteful

Phenotype: Suri

Missy is quite a lovely suri girl with very fine fibre. Very quiet and just blends in with her herd.  A rare bloodline on the Dam's side so very pleased with her first cria on the ground this spring. A little lady with lots of spunk and very striking colouring.

Heritage: Lux, Papa Noel, PVCL Luscious, White Heat, Senor Rojo, Chilean GTO, A Peruvian Deelite (CAN)

Offspring: Misty Morn's Deelightful Fantasy (F) Sire: Maximum Impact

Misty Morn Starlit Dawn

Northwest Titan x Kornerstone's Blue Star ABSR

Phenotype: Silky

Dawn is a large girl and a mirror image of her paternal sister Diamond Frost. She is a really a lovely female. Dawn presented us with a lovely female cria this spring.

Heritage: Chileno Cachette, Mirrored Image SSRMT, WWLC Peruvian Mercury Rising, LLBaraka, Argentine Kobra, Chilean Napoleon, Blue Velvet

Offspring: Misty Morn's Callista Blue, Sire: Misty Morn's Maximum Impact

Misty Morn's Lyrical Eloquence

M.R.S. Vyking x Cinder Dust

Phenotype: Silky

New photo needed. Elle is a really big girl and has a stellar heritage. We are very excited to announce that Elle had her first cria this spring. A young gentleman sweet and full of vim and vigor. 

Offspring: Misty Morn's Ignition Spark 

Heritage: Chilean Esperanza, HCLA Bolivian Easy Money, PME Firefrost, Peruvian Keno PC-1, LW Durango, Flambe, Maybelle's Wind Dancer FE17

Misty Morn's Silk Stockings

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x MDL-AB Zara

Phenotype: Silky

Another great lady from our principal Herdsire M.R.S. Heavy Metal. Metal was paired with Zara so I am surprised we have a silky girl in our pastures. Silk Stockings will be bred this year. Excited to see what she will put on the ground for us. Lovely disposition and a very correct girl.

Hertage: Peruvian Secret Weapon, White Heat, Saltspring Tsunami, Kantu P5, HSSR Cazalero, Peruvian Vice, Condor De Temuco

Misty Morn's Secret Inspiration

Just keeps getting better. Another double suri lady by our principal herdsire M.R.S. Heavy Metal. This time paired with our girl Elita's Arabella. Will be bred next year as a three year old.

Heritage: HCLA Bolivian Easy Money, Peruvian Keno PC-1 and Hard Rock's Coat of Many Colours (Peruvian El Gris).