Breeders of Suri, Silky & Argentine Llamas

Misty Morn Llamas

Our Goal

Our goal is to produce beautiful Suri, Silky and Argentine Llamas with gentle calm spirits and strong conformation. We believe temperament is the essential ingredient that will prompt admirers not just to appreciate from afar but decide to "be part of the experience." 

Llamas just out for a daily stroll that are well conformed demonstrate liquid movement that is simply elegant and beautiful. That liquidity is what we are striving for at Misty Morn Farms in our breeding programme. Strong confirmation is our companion breeding goal to temperament.


We have a strong commitment to assist the Llama world to grow and prosper, as we believe that it is essential for folks to experience first hand, the joy that these wonderful sweet and intelligent animals can impart.


Our foundation herd has been selected from lineages in the past and present that command the most desirable Llama traits in body and spirit. Llama enthusiasts and experts knew quality and bestowed winning honours on the best in the show ring and historically paid thousands to have those same qualities immersed into their breeding programmes. One of the most lucrative Llama sales on record occured in August of 2003, only fifteen years ago. The Final Fiesta Sale in Colorado. Chileano Cuello Largo sold at $110,000.00, Chileno Sirichachi at $100,000.00, the highest selling male, Newevo at $220,000.00. Others, Chepa $110,000.00, Senorita Christina $89,000.00, MGF Spellbound $78,000.00 and Carra $63,000.00. Certainly an interesting piece of Llama History. 

Unfortunately it was just a matter of time. With such high returns, over breeding became the norm and the market became saturated. The economic downturn further complicated the plight of the Llama. When the economy crashed, so did the desire to breed, own and pay for the best. To eliminate the cost of their upkeep, and the loss of financial return, many Llamas both in Canada and the United States met a 'meat market' end. A tragic circumstance, as we are sure many a stong bloodline has been lost forever. So for those holdouts that continued to protect their wards under extreme circumstances, a heartfelt thank you. Please note that importations from South America are banned and have been for a number of years now. Consequently the existing diversification of genetics in North America is relatively strong but remains unchanged.

However, that being said, those magnificent, sensitive, intelligent beings called 'Llama' are now very affordable for folks wishing to experience the rewards of ownership. To know that your barnyard companion's heritage was among the most sought after in times past - actually the 'best' but beyond reach in the past - is now an ownership reality for anyone that opens up their heart and farm.


Llamas are extremely versatile. They have many uses - packing/trekking; carting; guarding; fibre production; therapy; 4-H; companionship and if that's not enough - Llama bean droppings (the best of all animal) fertilizer for plants and gardens. We will expand on each of these specialties over the next few months.


Our price range depends on the individual Llama. Many factors play a part in establishing our pricing policy. The phenotype - Suri, Silky, Argentine, whether male or female, show, breeding or pet quality as well as age. Call us for pricing. Please note that not all of the Llamas that you view on our website are for sale. Please inquire. Many of our Llamas will continue to reside at Misty Morn Farms - their 'forever' home.