Video of our 2015 Crias (five to nine months old)

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Thank you for showing interest in our wonderful Llamas. Our Ontario farm is located in the Whitewater Region of the Upper Ottawa Valley. Our foundation herd was selected from internationally known breeders who's legacies denote some of the highest selling and decorated animals in North America. Our herdsires and foundation females are desendants from the great Kantu P5, Peruvian Vice, Peruvian Secret Weapon, Peruvian Maximo, Peruvian Condori, Chilean Esperanza, Chilean GTO, Bolivian Radical, HCLA Bolivian Soulman, SSRMT Leonardo, Top Flight, Argentine Kobra's Kornerstone, Argentine Gringo (ET), Argentine Simpatico (ET) to name a few.

Llama ownership is affordable for everyone. We have available a number for sale presently. Llamas can be shown, bred, used for guarding, therapy, carting, fibre, or, just be your most treasured companion. We offer a variety of support systems for our clients to assist them in gaining experience and knowledge of the care, training and nutritional needs of their new companions. Llamas are known the world over for their versatility, calm exposure, intelligence and their majestic presence.

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Llama Phenotypes Of Misty Morn Llamas

Argentine, Suri & Silky 

A Favourite Photo - Misty Morn's Flashfire

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