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The Art Of Llama Communication

Body Language and Vocals are Key

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The flip of the tail and position are all indicators of Llama communication. Ears, head and neck position all play an important part of understanding the language of Llamas. Watch their interaction with each other. Placement of their head and neck as a heated argument erupts over pecking order or a tasty treat. Everything has a meaning, quite deliberate in its presentation to another Llama or human. My favourite of course is the lowering of the head and dreamy eyes when being brushed and pampered. My most precious body statement.

They also have a very distinctive vocal vocabulary that is a defining commentary on their emotions. A unique call if alarming the herd to something disturbing, humming to their newborn, clucking to a new herd member and/or to a suitor in the next field. Everything has a meaning.

A Fun Scripting Of A Conversation

Below is a number of photos that were taken that caught my eye and imagination. Completely charming. So much so I thought of placing the photos in a specific order and adding captions. Together Llama and Human. 


How About A Kiss

Let's Talk

The Conversation

You Don't Say

The Love

Photos above re: Dorothea and Melody were taken by Bernice Sheppard (2014) Under Copyright

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