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A New Direction For Misty Morn Llamas

MDL-AB Kentucky's Kya - Metallic Warrior

From the Past. CMM Katchina - Arctic Storm

Grand, Dam & Scarlet Enchantress- 3 generations

​If you have tried to purchase a Llama in Eastern Canada in recent years you will have experienced difficulty in making a purchase. For the Eastern provinces the 'Canadian' bred Llama is unfortunately in great decline. Please read our Goals and  Background page to familiarize yourself with the brief history of Breeding and Selling Llamas in Canada. 

Over the last seventeen years we have been working toward building a well bred foundation herd. Our herd  was established from registered Llamas purchased from Western Canada as well as the United States.  We have taken years to build a diverse strong foundation so that we are now in a position to assist in expanding breeding programmes in Eastern Canada. 

Our Western provinces (B.C., Alberta) have breeding programmes (although presently a much smaller base than in years past). We feel it is important to establish Breeding Programmes, one perhaps close to our facility so that optimum breeding strategies, knowledge of Llama Health and Care can be shared through visitation and easy communication within the two programmes. Once established we will move forward by adding additional programmes (further east) and so on.

We are in a position to assist in a number of ways should someone be interested in moving forward with us to retain and grow the registered Llama base in Eastern Canada. Details are in the development stage but should you have interest please call me to discuss. I am anxious to work with an animal lover, who shares my passion of breeding excellence.  It may well be an Alpaca breeder who now may wish to extend their breeding programme to include a companion but separate division. Just a thought, certainly not a requirement. Our goal is to find a farm that will be dedicated to high breeding standards and understands the longevity requirements in building  a successful programme. Please contact me re: our contact page should you be interested.  

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