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Out Of The Past - Into The Future

Thought it would be rather interesting to include some of the greats from times past and a few more recent that have formed the foundation of my existing herd. The Chairmen Of The Board, if you will. Some photos have been difficult to find so if anyone has any photos in their archives of the notables from times past and wish to share, I would greatly appreciate adding them. It has been an interesting task. Somewhat easier to find photos of the males than the ladies. But the ladies influence should never be forgotten. I love the history of Llamas in Canada and the U.S. and continue to strive to build files. I have  included the names of my Llamas that have these greats in their lineage.  Some further back than others, so, for the more distant - a dilute influence perhaps but there just the same. The Herdsires are listed in no specific order. A few of my boys are one or two back from a direct import. Their influence may yet to be discovered.

Peruvian Secret Weapon

M.R.S. Heavy Metal (Grandson) (Herdsire) 

Misty Morn's Metallic Flashfire (Great Grandson) (Herdsire)

Misty Morn's Spectral Haze (Great Grandson) (Herdsire)  (Resides In France)

Misty  Morn's Metal Fusion (Great Grandson)

Misty Morn's Just North Of Amazing 

(Great Great Grandson)

Misty Morn's Metallic Trailblazer (Great Grandson)

Misty Morn's North Wind Ascender 

(Great Great Grandson)

Misty Morn's Beyond Boundries (Great Great Grandson)

WF Sapphire (Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Tecquila Rose (Great Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Diamond Frost (Great Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Radiance (Great Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Velvet Contessa (Great Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Silk Stockings (Great Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Magical Allure (Great Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Secret Inspiration (Great Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Ebony Ice (Great Great Granddaughter)

Peruvian Secret Weapon was a direct import.

SSRMT Leonardo

Northwest Titan (Son) (Herdsire) (RIP)

Misty  Morn's Silver Ablaze (Grandson) (Herdsire)

Misty Morn's Just North Of Amazing (Grandson)

Misty Morn's Trailblazer (Grandson)

Misty Morn's Northwind Ascender (Grandson)

Northwest Argentina (Daughter)

M and M Hope (Daughter)

Misty Morn's Trace Of Ivory (Great Grandsire)

Noteable: Chileno Siricache:Grandsire of Northwest Titan 

Northwest Tonto (Son) Twin Lakes Llama Ranch (Principal Herdsire)

Argentine Mach One (ET)

Mach One's Paco (Son) (Herdsire: Misty Morn Llamas)

Mach One's Solitaire (Son) -Sold)

Misty Morn's Autumn Breeze (Granddaughter) - Sold)

Notables: Argentine Hidalgo (ET) (Grandsire)

Argentine Don Zunca

Koriffic's Teriffic (Grandson) 

(Misty Morn Llamas -Herdsire)

Misty Morn's Spirit Warrior (Great Grandson) (Sold)

Misty Morn's MidKnight Shadow (Great Grandson) (Sold)

Argentine Don Zunca was a direct import.

Argentine Kobra's Kornerstone

Kornerstone's Lucky Ace (Son) (Herdsire)

Misty Morn Llamas

Kornerstone's Tortilla ABSR (Daughter) Misty Morn Llamas

Kornerstone's Nita ABSR (Daughter) Misty Morn Llamas

Kornerstone's Alejandra ABSR (Daughter) Misty Morn Llamas

Misty Morn's Starlit Dawn (Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Magical Allure (Granddaughter)

Notables: Argentine Kobra, Argentine Pulga, Argentine Arica 0077

Chilean Esperanza

M.R.S. Vyking (Son) (Herdsire) (RIP)

Misty Morn's Lyrical Eloquence (Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Calista Blue


Chilean Experanza was a direct import.

Peruvian Vice

Northern Reflection's Eclipse (RIP) Son (Herdsire)

Misty Morn's Silver Ablaze (Grandson) (Herdsire)

Misty Morn's Maximum Impact (Great Grandson)

Misty Morn's Beyond Boundaries (Grandson)

Misty Morn's Morning Dove (Great Granddaughter) 

MDL-AB Zara (Great Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Silk Stockings (Great Great Granddaughter)

Misty Morn's Trace of Ivory (Great Great Granddaughter)

Peruvian Vice was a direct import.

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