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WF Justify's Intimate Encounter

ILR# 294282

Call Name: Encore

SF-OK Justify x A Peruvian Deelite (CAN)

Phenotype: Suri

A gem from Windiana Farms. This is a very important lady to add to our breeding programme. Her Sire, after residing at Tapdimer Llamas in British Columbia has returned to the U.S. We are very pleased to have added Encore to our breeding programme. 

Heritage: Peruvian Keno PC-1, Lucchero, Tuna Catcher, MCF Estonia, Bal Renegade, Silver Peru, White Heat, Bal Yolande Ardissone, RAR Richochet.

WF's Treasure Unveiled

ILR# 294283

Call Name: Treasure

F High Gear x WF Pure Gold

Phenotype: Suri

Another pretty lady from Windiana Farms. Unfortunately her sire has passed so we are very excited to have a Son and two daughters here at Misty Morn Llamas. We are looking forward to Treasure's future crias. Favourable mention - Treasure is a grand daughter of the famous Magic Juan.

Heritage: MJ Goldie, Magic Juan, Echodale Wondergirl, Castlerock's Half Moon Hannah # 425, FFF Can So, Top Flight, Arabakka Linda (CAN), WCR Temuco Triumph, GNLC Catman, Premier

Misty  Morn's Silk Stockings

ILR# 292770

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x MDL-AD Zara

Call Name: Silky

This is Vick's absolute favourite lady. She has excellent conformation and a sweet personality. Always up for kisses. Her Sire and Dam are truly beautiful Llamas and she certainly represents them well. She will be bred this spring/summer for a cria in 2022.  

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