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Farm Visits

Misty Morn Llamas​

Our doors are open to welcome visitors to experience the wonderful world of Llamas. They are a true joy to own and for anyone who may be interested in starting their love affair with these fabulous animals there is a warning. It is impossible to stop at two. 

Once experiencing the joy of ownership it is definitely a buyer beware state of affairs. Llama enthusiasts will agree. I started my love affair when my husband purchase one. You all know for a Llama to be happy and content they need a buddy. 

Well and so it goes like it goes. 

Presently there are over 65 of these beauties grazing our pastures.

Please note that due to COVID we have closed our farm shop (on site) and have limited visitations to  folks that are interested in purchasing/starting to raise Llamas or looking for Companion Llamas as pets.

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