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Herdsires and Males

M.R.S. Heavy Metal

ILR # 271707

Castlerock's Lethal Weapon x 

MMR Melinda

Phenotype: Suri

Metal is an outstanding male. Our Supreme Champion. There is no other Llama here among the 70 plus that have his grace, style and liquid movement. His offspring have​ striking conformation and style just like their Sire. Straight back, high tail set off the back, absolutely a beautiful refined head. I can't say enough about this gentle boy. He is truly special and is at the helm of our breeding programme. 

Offspring: Misty Morn's -  Metallic Flashfire, Heavenly Angel, Tecquila Rose, Wind In The Wilow, Spectral Haze, Velvet Contesa, Metal Fusion, Dark Secret, Shantilly, Gunmental Ignition, Angelic Interlude, Metallic Crossfire, Silk Stockings, Metallic Trailblazer, Secret Inspiration, Magical Allure, Metallic Warrior, Blithe Spirit 

Heritage: Secret Weapon, White Heat, MMR Mochatsuri, Top Flight, The Fiduciary, Magic Juan, Saltspring Tsunami 

MDL-AB Flashy Cordero

ILR# 288742

M.R.S. Xtra Flash x Cameo's Keirah (Can)

Phenotype: Suri

This young  man is just starting his breeding career. A rare bloodline on the Sire's side so an important male to our breeding programme. His heritage of notable Sires listed below are now 4 back except for his Grandsire - a direct import) leaving almost all females on our farm as potential pairings for future offspring. He is an exotic looking boy when he is prancing his stuff. His fibre is some of the most beautiful suri fibre we have on our farm. Never mats. He has presented us with two crias so far. One male and one female.

Offspring: Misty Morn's - Neutron Starr, Ebony Ice

Heritage: Chilean Five-O (direct import), Peruvian Maximo PC-1, 

Magic Juan, Kantu P5, RAR Chilean Hercules

Koriffic's Teriffic

ILR# 275932

Argentine Gringo (ET) x Koriffic (Argentine Kobra)

Phenotype: Argentine

Teriffic hails from Montana. He is 3/4 Argentine that has earned his 'Certificate Of Excellence' from the International Llama Registry. A notable honour that is offered only to the very best. Teriffic is a gentleman with highest respect for humans and his peers. Easy to work with and an absolute delight to have on our farm. 

Offspring: Prior to our Ownership: Teriffic's Chocolate Dream, McKenzie Lake Firefly, McKenzie Lake Joshua, Teriffic's Desert Prince.

Misty  Morn's - Magnum Force, Midknight Shadow, Storm Serge

Heritage: Don Zuca, Argentine Kobra, Argentine Pulga, Argentine Arica 0077

Misty Morn's Metallic Flashfire

ILR# 283721

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x CMM Spice Girl

Phenotype: Suri

This is Metal's first Son. A reverse appy and a very correct boy. His temperament mirrors his sire's. He is a showstopper that pocesses silky fine suri fibre that does not mat. He has produced one offspring so far - Misty Morn's Knighthawk Ascender. Hawk was sold as a potential Herdsire to Sophie in Quebec. His full brother was sold to Rene in France adding a new bloodline for Europe. We look forward to additional crias from Flash.

Offspring: Misty Morn's KnightHawk Ascender

Heritage: Peruvian Secret Weapon, White Heat, Bolilvian Jumbalaya, LW Gucci, Saltspring Tsunami

Misty Morn's Silver Ablaze

ILR# 287816

Northern Reflections Eclipse x Northwest Argentina

Phenotype: Suri

Our Logo boy, Northern Reflections Eclipse (Silver's Sire) has passed. We were heartbroken. We strive to retain several offspring from our principal Herdsires to retain their line. Silver is Eclipse's first son of only three that he produced in his breeding career. This male has strong bone, legs and feet that can best be described as an Argentine trait just like his Sire. His suri fibre rarely mats allowing us to leave his body locks on for a year or two before a show cut. 

Offspring: Misty Morn's Trace of Ivory, Ignition Spark

Heritage: Chileno Cachete, SSRMT Leonardo, Peruvian Vice (direct import - Grandsire)

MDL-AB Caza Reno

ILR# 288739

HSSR Cazalero x STL Isis (Can)

Phenotype: Suri

Reno's Sire was unchallenged as a Supreme Champion for a number of years in Canada. He was up against stiff competition but held on to his title. So when his son Reno became available we were eager to add him to our breeding programme. We believe he will produce some really beautiful crias for us.

Heritage: Kantu P5, Peruvian Silverado Sir, Peruvian El Gris, Hard Rock's Coat of Many Colours, Bauerheim's Firedancer, Nobility, Buttermilk Blues

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