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Crias 2020

Misty Morn's Ebony Ice

ILR# 294285

Call Name: Ebby

Date of Birth: June 1, 2020

ADL-AB Cordero x Misty Morn's Radiance

Born at 1:20 in the afternoon. An adorable little lady. Funny how it goes. Dad has three black legs and one white. Ebby just the opposite. Three white one black. This is Cordero's second cria for us. Looking forward to many more. 

Within minutes of being born our little girl is trying to stand. Still a bit wet in spots but eager to rise. As soon as she is up .......looking to nurse. Not quite there yet but searching. It's somewhere around here.

Found it. For a first time Mom Radiance is wonderful with this little one. Always a relief when Mom takes on her first cria like a pro. 

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