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Llamas For Sale - General Information

Please refer to our page titled - A New Direction For Misty Morn Llamas

Generally each year we have a number of Llamas for sale. The number depends on our breeding goals in any given year. Many of our Males and Females will be retained to keep our breeding programme moving forward and current. It is imperative that we keep a good number for future breeding thus allowing us to stay current with a healthy diverse herd. 

Let us know what you are looking for and we may well be able to assist. We have written profiles on each of our 'for sale' Llamas - much too detailed for this format. If interested in purchasing a youngster please note that they need to be with an older more experienced Llama to act as their mentor. We feel strongly that Llamas require a companion Llama to live out their lives happy and content.

As we are a Llama breeding farm we do not train our Llamas for guarding duties. We do have a couple of pet sheep but they are not introduced to our main herd. They are just yard pets. Thus our Llamas really have not had an association with guarding duties except of course guarding youngsters of their own species. Some Llamas do guard as a basic instinct, others may not be interested in taking on guard duty responsibilities. Everything depends on the individual Llama. If you are in need of  mature experienced guards then perhaps it's best to locate someone with guard Llamas that may be downsizing and may no longer be in need of their Llamas guarding services. This way you are guaranteed a pair or more of Llamas that specifically have a natural instinct to guard.

It's important to us that you find the 'just right' Llamas. We will ask you a number of questions to familiarize us with your facility and about your interest in owning Llamas. We will most likely ask for photos of  your facility to familiarize us on your set up etc. Kindly understand that we love our Llamas and need to feel comfortable that they have found their forever home. Note that we are not comfortable selling our Llamas to petting type facilities/pen like environments or zoos of any kind.  Please leave your phone number and address along with your message. Thank you for helping us help you. Our preference is to speak with your directly rather than emails back and forth.

Please note that we have had a number of folks call us but when they have left messages they may have spoken too quickly and as a result our answering machine did not clearly record their phone number for us to call back. To ensure your message gets to us please email me at with your phone number so that I can call you back as soon as possible.

 Thanks so much.

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