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Crias 2019

Misty Morn's Enchanting Miss

ILR# Pending (Dam approved re: ILR Screening) ILR# S296937

One's Paco X Silver's Finale

Date of Birth: April 26, 2019

Phenotype: Silky/Argentine

Call Name: Missy

Such a cute little lady. Born at 1:00 p.m. Easy birth, up and standing, nursing, and mini runs and little hops within the hour. This is a strong active healthy little lady. She is 3/8 Argentine and appears to have the dominate features of the Argentine phenotype. Time will tell of course. Paco, her sire has a trademark that seems to be one that he carries forward. White chin markings. This is the fourth female cria that Finale has presented to us. No little men so far. Offspring to date: Misty Morn's Spanish Coquette, Misty Morn's Sandpebbles, Misty Morn's Touch of Finesse and now Misty Morn's Enchanting Miss. Photos following...Sire: Mach One's Paco and Dam: Silver's Finale and one of Finale's crias - Sandpebbles.

Sire: Mach One's Paco

Dam: Silver's Finale

Sire: Mach One's Paco

Maternal Sister: Misty Morn's Sandpebbles

Misty Morn's North Wind


ILR# 203828

Northwest Titan X Misty Morn's Wind In The Wilow

Date of Birth: June 9, 2019

Phenotype: Suri

Call Name: Windy

Male born at 10:30 June 9th. This little man is going to be a special fella. Our first pairing of this breeding team produced Misty Morn's Just North Of Amazing two years ago. With such success we simply had to pair Titan and Wilow again. So here he is a grey/brown suri. Very confident alert cria within minutes of being born. His name....North for Northwest Titan, Wind for Wind In The Wilow and also for Wilow's dam Maybelle's Wind Dancer FE 17 (RIP). Wind Dancer was my most treasured lady so her legacy lives on..... Photos below - Windy just up from birth and at two weeks. Sire, Dam, Grand Dam, Full Brother - Misty Morn's Just North of Amazing.

Sire: Northwest Titan

Misty Morn's

MidKnight Shadow

ILR# 293827

Teriffic X Simpatico's Sparkling Ember

Date of Birth: June 13, 2019

Phenotype: Silky/Argentine

Call Name: Shadow

Male born approximately 7:30 p.m. June 13. Photos next morning. Born in a downpour. Usually our ladies deliver early morning or afternoon so this little gem was simply not expected late evening. He was completely drenched before I found him and Mom in the pasture.

This is a really nice pairing. His Dam is a daughter of Argentine Simpatico. Prior to Simpatico's passing he had not sired very many offspring. So a nice addition.

Shadow is 5/8 Argentine. Photo on the left below is at a few weeks old. Photos of his Sire and Dam follow.

Sire: Koriffic's Teriffic

Dam: Simpatico's Sparkling Ember

Misty Morn's

Neutron Starr

ILR# 293826

ADL-AB Cordero x Cinder Dust

Phenotype: Suri (Double)

Call Name: Star

This little fellow was born June 24th at 12:15 p.m. Over three weeks overdue and had us on pins and needles. He is a healthy guy and was up and running within the hour. Despite the photos he is all white but for a black saddle and a black spot behind is left ear and on the right side of his nose. The rest is being born stuff although carefully towel dried. Sire is a very rare bloodline. Not sure if his Grandsire (a direct import) is still alive. No notation on file with the ILR. His Sire although registered with the ILR is presently residing in Alberta but no information is available relative to his offspring or if he is still alive. This is the first offspring for Cordero giving him proven status.

Photo below (left) a few weeks old.

Sire: MDL-AB Flashy Cordero - Yearling Photo

Dam: Cinder Dust

Misty Morn's Magical Allure

# 293829

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x Kornerstone's Tortilla ABSR

D.O.B. June 25, 2019

Phenotype: Suri/Silky?

Call Name. Maggie

Born June 25th at 12:00 noon. This little lady was well overdue (three weeks and a bit) thus the smile on Mom's face...finally she's here. We have waited for this pairing for a long time and we could not be more pleased. More photo's to follow. Sire and Dam photos below.

Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal

Dam: Kornerstone's Tortilla ABSR

Misty Morn's Trace of Ivory

ILR# 293824

Misty Morn's Silver Ablaze x Sunrise Sudden Mist

Date of Birth: July 14, 2019

Phenotype: Suri (Double)

Call Name: Tracey

This little lass was born July 14, 2019 at 12:00 noon. A pretty girl with just a touch of Ivory on her neck, a slash on her ear and a patch circling the bottom of her left leg thus her name. Her Sire and Dam are an interesting pairing bringing the Peruvian Vice, SSRMT Leonardo, Kantu P5 and Sudden Impact (White Heat) together. Although her fibre looks to have dark brown highlights in the photos she presently appears to be a true black. This is going to be an interesting young lady to watch as she grows. Photos taken at a few hours old.

Sire: Misty Morn's Silver Ablaze

Dam: Sunrise Sudden Mist

Misty Morn's

Secret Inspiration

ILR# 293823

M.R.S. Heavy Metal x Elita's Arabella

Date of Birth: July 16, 2019

Phenotype: Suri (Double)

Call Name: Secret

This young miss was born at 12:00 noon. Unexpected as we thought that her Dam (bred only once) did not take. First time suri Mom's really hide their growing tummies really well. So a wonderful surprise for us. Very sweet and nice markings. A splash of white but mostly grey and a light brown. A great set of ears. On her Dam's side some greats...HCLA Bolivan Easy Money x HCLA Bolivan Cheyanne, Keno, Hard Rock's Coat of Many Colours (Peruvian El Gris). Metal has sired many crias for us and I am sure you know all about him.

Sire: M.R.S. Heavy Metal

Dam: Elita's Arabella

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